Girl Guides 100 Today

By SallyB2 Last edited 114 months ago
Girl Guides 100 Today Happy Birthday Guide people! Apparently half the British (that'll be female) population have been involved with the Guiding Movement at some stage. Its influence cannot be overestimated: it turns out kind, determined, capable young ladies. Why it isn't compulsory we have no idea. Now we're grown up we've even decided to forgive Brown Owl for making us cry while we were at camp (she was right and we were wrong: there, we said it). Anyway, to mark the centenary of the organisation, there are jamborees up and down the country, the most significant perhaps being at Crystal Palace where the whole shebang came into being. A group of pioneering girls approached founder and Chief Scout Baden-Powell to ask if they could have an organisation similar to the one which he had started for boys. A lasting memorial has been created in the park in the form of a maze, which has been crafted by artists brook and black.

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Last Updated 05 September 2009