Girl Guides 100 Today

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Girl Guides 100 Today Happy Birthday Guide people! Apparently half the British (that'll be female) population have been involved with the Guiding Movement at some stage. Its influence cannot be overestimated: it turns out kind, determined, capable young ladies. Why it isn't compulsory we have no idea. Now we're grown up we've even decided to forgive Brown Owl for making us cry while we were at camp (she was right and we were wrong: there, we said it). Anyway, to mark the centenary of the organisation, there are jamborees up and down the country, the most significant perhaps being at Crystal Palace where the whole shebang came into being. A group of pioneering girls approached founder and Chief Scout Baden-Powell to ask if they could have an organisation similar to the one which he had started for boys. A lasting memorial has been created in the park in the form of a maze, which has been crafted by artists brook and black.

Psychologically jarring or character building? Tell us about your guide/scout memories below...

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I have a mixture of good and bad memories of being a Brownie. Most of the bad ones involved our second-in-command, a harpy who went the deceptively fluffy name of Snowy Owl. Thankfully our Brown Owl was a lovely woman.

A few good memories that stick out are being promoted to second-in-command in my six (we were the little white person with the black broom. Gnomes, I think), camping in the New Forest, visiting a fire station and earning so many badges that my sash was full on the front.

The bad ones involve being yelled at at camp for not wanting to get involved in a water balloon fight (this was for the World badge, believe it or not! I still got the badge), being told off for not holding a door open long enough to let people through (I had been standing there for a while and couldn't see anyone else coming) and mysteriously not receiving the Hostess badge despite doing the work needed. All of these involved Snowy Owl, needless to say.

At the end of my Brownie career I wanted to become a Guide, but sadly there were no troops nearby.


I had a mixed few years as a Brownie. Camp did scar me for life, I reckon. But I learnt so very many things...
Then I left and joined the Sea Rangers - MUCH more fun ;)


Venture Scouting introduced me to the pub. But they wouldn't let me get infested because I refused to promise to do my duty to god and the queen. So I was the maverick hanger on. Yet they still entrusted the 'treasurer's' role to me and I got the books all wonky. Oops.


I wasn't allowed into the cubs far less the scouts !!

The reason? Well I was christned into the Church of Scotland (being born in Edinbutgh), and the English cub group my mother tried to get me into only let in COE christened boys at the time, seems two years later it was a free for all entry but I missed out, so never knew what it was like or if I missed anything.


Today, Brownies gives me the chance to illustrate my terrifying Lisa-Simpsonesque pre-teen overachieving with the following factoid:

I ran out of room for badges on the badge-arm of my uniform, and had to have them stitched onto the non-badge-arm too.

Other brownies used to point out to me that my mum had put the badges on the wrong arm. I'd turn round and say, "no, there's no more space there, see..." and watch as their mouths fell open in horror...