Dizzee Rascal Doesn't Rate The Olympics

Dean Nicholas
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Dizzee Rascal Doesn't Rate The Olympics

dg_olympicstadium.jpg Dizzee's reputation as the media's go-to guy when they want the inside track on what the black yoof think continues as the Evening Standard devotes a whole article to the rapper's views on the Olympics. The Bow-born artist isn't happy about what's happening to his former manor, deriding the project for turning the area into a "giant hole", though he claims he'd still like to perform at the ceremony. In a coincidence not remarked upon by the Standard, Dizzee, currently riding high at No. 1 in the charts, has a new album out on Monday. This isn't the man born Dylan Mills' first brush with the mainstream media on issues of global import. Viewers watching the BBC's coverage of Barack Obama's election victory last November were treated to the bizarre spectacle of Jeremy Paxman attempting to interview "Mr. Rascal", in which Diz responded to the Newsnight bruiser's question of whether a black man could ever be Prime Minister by coining a Clinton's cards soundbite: "If you believe you can achieve, innit!" (Image / diamond geezer)

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