Naked Climate Campers Hit The Town

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 103 months ago
Naked Climate Campers Hit The Town

Directions to climate camp's lavs / image by ganchingabz from the Londonist Flickr pool
It's been a relatively quiet weekend (so quiet the Standard are left with nothing but some hoary old crap about 'ooo, some campers don't like the police'. Quick, hold the front page) but the eco protesters have made up for it this morning with a bunch of direct action around the city. That sound? Journalists weeping tears of relief into their lattes because they don't have to travel to south-east London today.

There was action at the Treasury and City Airport yesterday, but what always catches the eye is a naked protest. Seven people got their kit off in the window (and a few clothed protesters on the roof) of PR company Edelman, who do the spin for the proposed Kingsnorth coal-fired power station. Campers are also focusing on that old favourite, RBS. They're outside with banners while others are inside, chained and glued to the floor. They got in using that wily old ruse of dressing as builders. Clearly, RBS have not been watching enough 1950s heist movies.

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Missed opportunity, this -- if the RBS protesters had been complaining about Fred The Shred's pension pot instead of whatever flavour-of-the-month cause they're failing to bring attention to, they might have garnered some sympathy.


Similar thoughts here. Anyone know exactly what they have against RBS, apart from generic climate catastrophe stuff? Are RBS backing something particularly dodgy? Or are they just an easy target with the credit crunch fiasco?

Robert Phillips

Edelman does not 'do the spin' for E.On but does consult with E.On on a wide number of issues, including renewables.

We offered the naked protestors the chance to sit down (preferably with their clothes on) and discuss their issues and concerns. sadly, they declined. They seem more interested in grabbing the picture story and the headline that in serious conversation - a spin all of their own.