Art On Blackfriars Bridge

Dean Nicholas
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Last Updated 12 September 2009

Art On Blackfriars Bridge
'Blackfriars Bridge Looking East' by John Duffin
'Blackfriars Bridge Looking East' by John Duffin

By way of placating those irked by the ongoing work at Blackfriars Bridge, Network Rail have put up a series of artworks on the closed-off eastern pavement.

The project, in conjunction with Bankside Gallery, livens up what was a pretty dull wooden hoarding with four pieces depicting the local area. The artists look both forward and back for inspiration: Mychael Barratt's Shakespeare In Love imagines the Bard's Globe in its 17th century pomp, while John Duffin has contributed an oil painting that shows the completed, Thames-spanning new station currently under construction, which is due to open in September 2011.

The only criticism is that, being on the opposite side of the pavement, they're not all that easy to see. We don't recommend running across four lanes of busy traffic, so perhaps it's worth packing a pair of opera glasses next time you're down Blackfriars way.

Many thanks to London SE1 for bringing this to our attention