Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up


Here's what we've learned this weekend whilst you've been out pretending you like the weather a bit cooler:

  • A man has been found stabbed to death in a car in East London: two men are in custody.
  • The Queen has acquired her first Sikh guards.
  • Popular wartime ventriloquist's dummy, Gunner Jimmy, is to retire to the Imperial War Museum.
  • The Marble Arch fountains have been vandalised.
  • Ken Livingstone is getting married.
  • Look out for recessionary hampers at Fortnums this year.
  • WTF news of the day: Croydon residents may be trained to use speed guns.
  • London by Massimo Usai, via the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 02 August 2009