Review: Burrito Bros

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Review: Burrito Bros

LON 2009.08.18-BurritorDS.jpg
Photography by Chris Osburn

More burritos in Clerkenwell? That's not necessarily a bad thing as long as they're yummy and properly prepared. Sadly, the ones at the newly opened Burrito Bros on Clerkenwell Road at St John Street aren't terribly tasty and are so poorly constructed that they're impossible to pick it up and eat by hand (at least that was this Londonist correspondent's experience) . Is it too much to ask that at least one end of a burrito is tucked in? That's pretty fundamental to eating one of these babies.

Having just opened, Burrito Bros may get the hang of things yet. But they're gonna need to breeze through that learning curve if they expect to steal away fans from nearby Luardo's and Daddy Donkey (Burrito Brothers is virtually equidistant from these two bean wagons) as well the ever popular Exmouth Market street vendors, Freebird. With these three savvy street vending competitors already well entrenched, it's questionable whether Burrito Bros can last - especially considering these newbies have to deal with overheads like rent and utilities while the others don't.

The criticisms and concerns could continue. But perhaps it's best to leave it at this: as things stand, Burrito Brothers adds nothing to a pre-existing scene. Give 'em a friendly benefit-of-the-doubt try if you must, but don't expect these beanie boys to last long.

Last Updated 18 August 2009