London, Capital of the Twitterverse

By Nicolas Chinardet Last edited 113 months ago
London, Capital of the Twitterverse

Photo by zefrog.
Here is a bit of news that will probably not please Archbishop Nicholls at all. This week-end the newly appointed head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales launched an attack on social networking, claiming that they "dehumanise" society and even possibly drive young people to suicide, blithely ignoring the fact that young people seem to be abandoning social networking.

The bad news for Archbishop Nicholls came last night, when Ev Williams, CEO and co-founder of the microblogging site Twitter, appeared on Newsnight for his first interview on British television. During the discussion, he said that for the second year running, London is the twittering capital of the world and that the UK comes second only to the US in terms of the number of users.

And it's true that there is a lot happening in the London twitterverse. One of the most famous Twitter users, @stephenfry, is a Londoner. You can get your local news via tweets or even reports of train delays. And of course, @Londonist is there too. That should tell you something! Perhaps the clearest sign of the London/Twitter love story though, is the fact that London monuments and places are starting to get their own accounts.

We kid you not. It all started with @towerbridge, updating its followers of its openings and closings. But then others are now joining in. There is the gobby and belligerent @imlondonbridge, taunting his "boring" neighbour, and @rotherhithetnl is involved too, though it is much more subdued and seem to have given up after only two tweets. @leakestreet is also a bit on the quiet side, something you would probably not expect from such a garish place. The latest addition we are aware of is, the apparently rather vain but poetically minded, @TrafalgarLion.

Archbishop Nicholls would probably denounce those tweeting buildings as a sign of social dereliction, we find them fun. And there are probably more out there. So let us know in the comment if we are missing out.

(Don't rush off to follow all those accounts just yet, though. Twitter is apparently under a "denial-of-service attack" (whatever that may be), this afternoon, and is therefore likely to be inaccessible.)

Last Updated 06 August 2009