Last Chance To See: The Seamless Garment

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Last Chance To See: The Seamless Garment

Bank Holiday by Sheila Girling
Ending this weekend is The Seamless Garment, a showcase of collages from well-known artists including Prunella Clough, John Fraser, Robert Motherwell and John McLean. Differing from the norm, these artists and others are constructing images from a wealth of materials such as scraps of paper and bits of canvas. It's a diverse collection, and difficult to summarise - a seemingly good thing as there is such a wide variety on offer.

The collages are described as building a sense of completeness, and perhaps representing a random mix of the real world. The focus is on the beginning process as well as the end, from chaos to distinct purpose. One can linger in front of each image envisaging how such versatile components could create an authentic final product. Your guess is as good as ours!

Stand out works include Sheila Girling's acrylic and collage on canvas "Bank Holiday", luring viewers into the brightly coloured material and somehow painting a perfect beachside picture. Prunella Clough's "Thinking of Animals" is equally vivid and bold, created by a scouring pad and paint on board. Just as daring is Danish painter Jules de Goede's refined asymmetrical boxes and lines made from collage and graphite on paper whilst John Fraser uses mixed media collage on wood construction to denote raw, earthy tones.

With over twenty artists on showcase, there are plenty of inspiring creations - enough to give all of us non-artists motivation to go home and attempt our own collage this weekend.

By Tiffany Pritchard

The Seamless Garment at Broadbent Gallery ends tomorrow, Saturday 15 August.

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