Gumtree Ad Goads Man To Near Death

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 132 months ago
Gumtree Ad Goads Man To Near Death

Image / vanouxe
A man nearly died after being stabbed in the heart by two men after he responded to an ad for a used car on the online classifieds site Gumtree. The 42-year old was in Barking to buy the car, and had taken £5,000 in cold, hard cash to pay for it. When he arrived at the rendezvous point, he was beaten to the ground and stabbed six times, with his lung and heart being pierced; doctors say it was remarkable that he survived. Though it'll probably be used to illustrate a forthcoming 'Broken Britain' feature in the Mail, violent attacks like this remain rare. This nasty crime does, however, highlight the prudency of using caution when buying stuff off strangers on the net: obviously, bandying about town with five grand in your trousers is not bright at the best of times, particularly when going to purchase a sight-unseen motor in an unfamliar area.

Last Updated 26 August 2009