Greenwich Market Redevelopment Rejected By Council

Dean Nicholas
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Greenwich Market Redevelopment Rejected By Council

Against all expectations, Greenwich Council has rejected redevelopment plans for Greenwich Market. The controversial scheme proposed tearing down the existing market and replacing it with a mixed-use development that, with a bloodhound's nose following the scent of money, included shops, offices, a hotel and a new off-the-peg market of generic anonymity; it was described by angry opponents as having all the intrinsic merit of Bluewater. They'll be stunned to find out that it's been given the thumbs down, in what appears to be a rare example of a council growing a pair and standing up for its residents. Blogger Greenwich Phantom reports that the Council objected to the scheme's height, overdevelopment, inadequate traffic provisions, and a lack of overall design quality, given that Greenwich is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The hope now is for a re-jigged plan that treats the space more sympathetically and retains some of the original features.

Last Updated 27 August 2009


You appear to have this story mixed up - the market you show in your picture closed a while ago and isn't the market in question. The one that closed in March is due to be built on by the University of Greenwich, the other market in the centre of Greenwich is owned by a trust called the Greenwich Hospital.