Are Bubbles Blowing Your Mind?

By Lindsey Last edited 115 months ago
Are Bubbles Blowing Your Mind?

Forever blowing bubbles by BisforBabb

Babb's bubble photo was one of our Slow Exposure winning images and the bubble people have become (or were they always there?) a permanent feature of Camden High Street. But now the Evening Standard's claiming that "bubbleology" is the latest craze for London.

Clearly a staffer went to the Big Chill, saw some bubbles while drinking cider and getting sunstroke and has come back proclaiming bubbles are the next big thing to help fill the lifestyle pages in silly season.

Mind you, we can't help being impressed with Samsam the Bubbleman's record breaking attempt at the world's biggest bubble on Finsbury Park last week.

Are bubbles floating your boat? Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 11 August 2009