Where to Play Tennis in London

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Where to Play Tennis in London

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Has watching Wimbledon 2009 gotten you itching to reach into the depths of your cupboard for that dusty old tennis racquet? Or perhaps you're convinced that Andy Murray isn't British enough and that you will one day lead Britain to tennis glory again? Either way, you're going to need to find somewhere to play and this Google Map should help you get started. Most locations on the map include a website to where you will find further information about prices, booking, and seasonal availability. You may wish to check London Tennis or your local borough's website for more tennis courts not featured on this map.

Last Updated 02 July 2009


A very awesome idea... though missing tennis courts in both Vauxhall Park and Battersea Park! :)


Great stuff - Highbury Fields has courts too


Great! Neither of the courts I use are on it, but they are pleny busy enough so I'm not telling.


The map has been updated to include a few more courts. If there are any more you'd like me to include please leave a comment.


There are some nice courts just off Bermondsey Street, in the park between Bermondsey St and Tanner Street.


Southwark Park has 2 or 3 courts too.


For those of you lucky enough to live in the same borough as the AELTC, there is a small gem on the otherwise uninspiring Merton Council website: where to play tennis in Merton.

But don't go out in the next couple of weeks as everyone will have caught the bug!


I have tried tennis tonic at www.tennitonic.com it was really good to find a tennis partner when I moved to London


Sorry wrong link, the one for London isĀ 


Thanks tennis tonic was quite useful, but better to refer to the London pageĀ 


my favorite site - by far - to find courts and players is http://tennispartner.co.uk I've used Allplay but i find it dull and many players are over optimistic.. about their tennis level in my experience.


i just moved to london and wanted to know where to play, a friend mentioned www.mylocalpitch.com and they have a search for tennis courts.

Soy Ban

I have found a good list in here you might update some more.