London Blend: Nude Espresso

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London Blend: Nude Espresso


Our caffeine fuelled continuing quest to show you some of our favourite coffee shops in London.

Further evidence that the East Side is representing sophisticated coffee drinkers, Nude Espresso, just off Brick Lane, is providing healthy competition to established West Side Kiwi and Australian coffee houses such as the ubiquitous Soho institutions Flat White and Milky Bar. Sitting right beside the coolest ukulele shop in London, Nude Espresso has a laid-back feel and a friendly staff. They serve Monmouth coffee and have signature drinks like flat whites and long blacks. Wildberry scones, brownies, chocolate cookies and other baked goodies are made on the premises and paninis and sandwiches are also on offer.

Nude Espresso

26 Hanbury Street

078 0422 3590

By Abby Chau

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Last Updated 20 July 2009