Little Chef Keeps Olympic Breakfast

By Hazel Last edited 113 months ago
Little Chef Keeps Olympic Breakfast

A Little Chef Olympic Breakfast by sue n alex from the Londonist Flickr pool
Olympian, Olympic, Olympus; as we get closer to 2012, everyone wants in on the big five ring thing but the LOGOC will be strict on who can and can’t cash in on the event. Thankfully, Little Chef can keep their Olympic Breakfast in the run-up to the sporting hoo-hah and their plateful of cholesterol for road users remains firmly at the top of the wipe-clean menu.

An Olympic Breakfast comes Legendary Breakfasts on the Little Chef menu and features two slices of bacon, a sausage, two eggs, a whole field mushroom, fried potatoes, fresh tomato and baked beans, with toast or fried bread on the side. Even the sacred touch of gourmet freak-master Heston Blumenthal can’t reduce the salt, fat and groaning carb / protein overload in that serving, and it is Olympic in that it would require an athlete to wolf it all down before getting back in the car and continuing, on schedule, to one’s destination outside London.

But would athletes eat an Olympic breakfast in the run-up to the event here in our town? Possibly not, though we can easily see Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps tucking away a few plates with no problems - for him, the Little Chef Olympic Breakfast is probably an amuse bouche. So, to Little Chef for an Olympic experience and gold medals to all who finish all their fried bread!

Last Updated 14 July 2009