Last Minute Listing: Action Painting @ The Montague Arms

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Last Minute Listing: Action Painting @ The Montague Arms


The Montague Arms and Frog Morris will be serving up a delicious weekend warm up in New Cross this evening. Victor Mount will be providing art, music and brown sauce sandwiches and audience members can also win the chance to dine for free on a giant sausage roll!

Eccentricity is king at the monthly event, hosted by Frog Morris on the second Thursday of each month. Tonight sees Mexico's unchallenged champion of contemporary fine art The Masked Artist taking on a 16" x 20" canvas in "a world title bout of existential angst". Curious? We are! Mark & Stu's micro-comedy club will be entertaining audiences of one or two, whilst Tom McDonnell will keep the rest of the crowd amused with his musical comedy.

And for something completely different, there will be performance art striptease from Princess Knickers. Just don't tell the local NIMBY's!

Entry £3

Last Updated 09 July 2009