Comedy Preview: Pappy's Fun Club @ The Albany

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 116 months ago
Comedy Preview: Pappy's Fun Club @ The Albany

PappysFubClub2009.jpg You know you've seen a good show when your face is hurting less than five minutes in, and it takes you another ten to properly get your breath back when it's over. We will take on all challengers over our love for Pappy's Fun Club, and the great thing about this relationship is they never let us down. Unlike other gentlemen, with their inability to express their emotions... sorry, we're daydreaming about sketches from their new show, a World Record Attempt at 200 Sketches in an Hour.

It's a challenge set by the boys' mysterious benefactor, Pappy; if they don't meet the target they'll get - *gasp* - fired! They set about their task with the usual joyful silliness that's wrapped around some rather sharp wit. Their energy and bonhomie are infectious as we watch them struggle to meet their goal - will these adorable losers keep their jobs? You'll have to find out.

Thursday's gig at The Albany is their last London preview before they head off to Edinburgh with a show that might, possibly, be their best yet. It is a preview so they're still perfecting everything, but we've always felt Pappy's are at their best when they're a little haphazard. The sketches come thick and fast, as you'd expect, but we honestly can't think of a dud. Whether they're getting advice from world record holders of the past, being menaced by Quakers, playing the worst horsemen of the Apocalypse or singing a song about why men are bad at relationships, they're jaw hurtingly hilarious. Oh, and then there's the Dinosaur (never has a swimming cap been used to such devastating effect). And a fantastic use of Louie Louie. And... *repeat to fade*

Pappy's Fun Club are in a double bill with Edward Aczel at Lowdown @ The Albany, 24 Great Portland Street W1, Thursday 30 July 7.30pm, £7.

Last Updated 29 July 2009