Art Review: On Reading & When You're A Boy @ The Photographers Gallery

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Art Review: On Reading & When You're A Boy @ The Photographers Gallery

Kertesz1.jpg The Photographers Gallery have two new exhibitions for you to visit this summer. Andre Kertesz's 'On Reading', presented together as a collection for the first time, includes photographs taken from 1915 through to the 1970s. Despite working on numerous projects throughout his career, Kertesz remained constantly fascinated with the act of reading. The result is a beautiful collection which also catalogues the changing of cultures through the eras and Kertesz's travels.

From three Hungarian boys pouring over a book in 1915 through Paris in the 50s, South America in the 60s to New York in the 70s the collection allows you to appreciate not just his skill behind the lens, but our evolving fashions and lifestyles. Despite the duration of the project, the images themselves retain a commonality; the vast majority observe from a distance, often from a high vantage point allowing the subject to read without disruption.

Up on the 3rd floor of the gallery 'When You're A Boy' is devoted to the 25 year career of men's fashion stylist Simon Foxton. This collection consists of three collaborations with male photographers and also provides an insight into Foxton's inspiration with the inclusion of several of his scrapbooks. It's instantly clear that Foxton loves to play with colour, presenting the models in wonderfully gregarious outfits in a set designed for fun and games.

As you make your way around the exhibit the images begin to take on a more serious, sedate aspect incorporating elements of workwear and playing with ideas of masculinity, sexuality and popular culture. The exhibit culminates with the most outstanding image; a pseudo-war scene which creates visual mayhem with glimpses of bodies, white clothes, lashings of red paint and black glittery body paint.

"Andre Kertesz - On Reading" and "When You're A Boy" runs until 4th October 2009 at The Photographers Gallery, free entry, for more information go to The Photographers Gallery website.

Last Updated 20 July 2009