Snitch On Your Friends - Fabulous Prizes To Be Won!

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Snitch On Your Friends - Fabulous Prizes To Be Won!

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Photo by Jonn@Londonist
Sickened by freeloaders? Don't like the look of the bloke in the seat opposite? Worry no longer. National Express East Anglia have put up posters on the Stansted Express inviting you to report anyone you think might be fare evading.

Simply text ‘Dodger’ to 60006, including a description of the suspect and the reasoning behind your accusation (‘Suspiciously swarthy. Keeps going to toilet’), and let NEEA's crack team of ticket inspectors do the rest.

So impressed were we by the genius of a system that outsources revenue protection to passengers that we decided to give it a go. Last weekend we texted a description of one of our number to the appropriate hotline and sat back, confidently expecting the ticket inspectors to swoop in like some form of black ops unit.

Alas, no inspectors ever arrived, and the only response was a text thanking us for our information. A second attempt on the return journey met with similar indifference. This, it seems to us, rather reduces the scheme's potential for mischief.

National Express, you may recall, is the train operating company that lost the East Coast franchise after running into financial problems. After that, you'd think it would take fare evasion just a little more seriously.

Last Updated 15 July 2009


Brilliant! The perfect way to get revenge on fellow passengers who get to the seats first!


Alas NXEA (note not NEEA) don't seem to take a lot of things that seriously these days, maybe they see the writing on the coaches and have just given up the fight?

I came back from Harlow the other day, got to the ticket barrier and couldn't find my ticket, the 'guard' on the gate smiled and let me though. I did find my ticket later but it was just the casual way the gate was opened for me.