A Plaque For Pauline Fowler

Dean Nicholas
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A Plaque For Pauline Fowler

Image / Père Ubu
A Heritage Foundation plaque in honour of Wendy Richards, who memorably portrayed Albert Square's battle-hardened harridan Pauline Fowler for years, has been unveiled. What with the frequent delays on the District line to Walford East, the plaque was instead mounted in a more accessible location: the Shepherds Tavern in Mayfair, where she lived as a child. It was unveiled by David Croft, creator of Are You Being Served — the show in which Wendy got her big break — and a gaggle of 'Enders stars past and present turned out to pay tribute to the actress, who died from cancer earlier this year.

Last Updated 06 July 2009


she also features on the plaque on the Wiindsor castle pub off edgeware road.

she opened the pub or something.


Ha, and I once saw her in the nearby Carpenter's Arms. Bit of a local pub hero.