Wimbledon 2009: Where to Watch

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Wimbledon 2009: Where to Watch

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Image by Richard Parmiter
We know that Wimbledon 2009 is currently in full force because we've read the headlines about this Andy Murray fellow, debated the rise of the un-ladylike 'grunt', and pushed past tourists sporting hideous green backpacks with little tennis symbols on them. However, something just doesn't feel right. The sun has consistently shown its face over the last few days (perhaps in an effort to laugh at the new rain roof at Centre Court), which makes us a bit skeptical and wonder what the deuce is going on.

If you are also unsure as to whether Wimbledon is, in fact, happening, you may wish to check out one of the free outdoor screenings being offered throughout London. We stopped by the one at Cardinal Place yesterday and were happy to find free deck chairs set up and plenty of places to buy chocolates nearby. Although it might not be the same as actually queueing for Wimbledon yourself, it is a nice option for anyone who works in the surrounding area and could use a bit of a more laid back lunch break. The Great British Summer is also hosting free screenings at New Street Square and Bankside Mix. Additionally, you can head to Canada Square Park and watch the tournament on the park's Summer Screen. Backhanded comments aside, we're sure it'll be a swinging success and that you'll have an ace of a time.

Last Updated 25 June 2009