Watch Out, Bare Bikers About

By Lindsey Last edited 115 months ago
Watch Out, Bare Bikers About

Here's something for the weekend if you're an uninhibited exhibitionist cyclist with an anarcho, greenie streak or one who has always longed to get their bits out in public: whip that kit off, adorn your body in amusing motifs and (gently) mount your bike for the London chapter of the World Naked Bike Ride, this Saturday.

Ostensibly a fun protest against oil dependency and car culture it's also an opportunity to see the human form in all its permutations propelling itself along with pedals. While last year's ride was the right kind of fine but not too sunny, who knows what'll happen this weekend (transparent pac-a-mac sales might soar).

The organisers reckon you won't hurt your genitals riding nude if you've got the right saddle but do recommend you wear sunscreen, footwear and a helmet - safety first, as the mass nudey ride out also literally exemplifies the vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic.

To join the ride, sign up online and start planning your body paint remembering there will undoutedly be masses of photographers out on the roads. We'll bring you a tasteful selection of shots on Monday. Thanks to Mike King for the tip off.

Last Updated 11 June 2009