The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness

Heathrow 112. The Heathrow Happenings!

As thousands of people stream into London's Heathrow Airport every day, there's little time to notice that the gentleman next to you is not what he seems. He's tall, with a bowler hat perched upon his head and he is wearing twill cavalry trousers. Nothing out of the ordinary in today's diverse culture, as millions of people rush to and fro through the terminals, some seeking a holiday in the sun, others travelling from far and wide to experience the history of the capital. And yet this chap may never find his destination, for he is a ghost!

Many people have become wrapped up in the lengthy American television series Lost in which a plane crashes en route to Australia, and the survivors appear to time travel, back and forth from the island, whilst meeting the spectres of those who allegedly perished. On the 2nd March 1948 a DC3 aircraft crashed on to the runway of Heathrow Airport, and the facts are far stranger than the fiction of the mentioned television show.

The man in the hat is the apparition of one of the passengers aboard that fatal flight. Legend has it that after the incident on Runway 1, a man of the same description approached those attempting to rescue survivors, and asked as to whether anyone had found his briefcase. Before anyone could answer, the man vanished.

It's no surprise that Heathrow has also had its fair share of UFO activity. Local residents have often spoken about strange things in the sky above the airport. In the summer of 1979 a Mrs Godden claimed she saw an unidentified craft buzzing the Anglo-French supersonic jet Concorde. The object was reddish and appeared to be heading straight for the plane, but then seemed to fly straight through it.

Heathrow officials picked nothing up on the radar, but it seems that the airport has several mysteries under its wing.

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