Review: Britney Spears @ The O2

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Review: Britney Spears @ The O2

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You are absolutely crackers if you attend a Britney Spears concert and expect to see her sing live. We love her because she’s hot, she can dance and she has some amazing songs written for her; we don’t love Britney for her voice. Is the concept of watching a messed up millionaire mother doing a sex show a bit wrong? Probably, but that’s essentially what this Circus tour is and it’s amazing for it. Miming rocks when it means you get to see 2 hours of non-stop gyrating and grinding.

The money saved on fabric from Britney’s outfits went straight into the production budget; the 02 stage was packed with trapeze artists, gymnasts and jugglers. This is a proper spectacle, timed and choreographed to perfection. The visual aspect to it was amazing, but when they plonk the insanely sexy Britney in the middle it’s pretty much heaven. During the songs the momentum was perfect, Britney didn’t slip up once and was clearly well rehearsed; however, every two or three songs the audience had to sit through a costume change that usually lasted two or three minutes while the circus performers bounced about. It would have been bearable if she’d come out in a completely different outfit each time, but really she just emerged in yet another skimpy sequined bikini. Each change destroyed the pace of the show; most people used it as an opportunity to get another drink.

The hoards of girls in fancy dress screamed and danced their way through every song; with a show this huge it was nearly impossible to hate Britney for miming, it was simply too fun to watch and dance along to. It’s indulgent, decadent and ridiculous; it will certainly never change musical history but when Britney is wrapped around a semi-naked man on a trapeze 50 foot in the air, singing about masturbation we will always love her.

Helen Lawrence

Last Updated 05 June 2009