QEII Still Hot Stuff After All These Years

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QEII Still Hot Stuff After All These Years

At least according to a new survey conducted at Heathrow. We are talking souvenirs here. Postcards of Her Majesty are quite simply the best selling tourist memento, according to a poll conducted by BAA. They are closely followed by Union Jack stuff, with mini replicas of Big Ben coming in at third place. Harrods teabags and Christmas puddings also make the top ten (really?). Hard to know what to make of this: but as Londonist owns some condiment pots shaped like the Eiffel Tower and a clog flower pot (seemed like a good idea at the time, but we can't remember why), we are hardly in a position to get satirical here. What would you take home from London? Answers in the comments below....(Image/testpatern)

Last Updated 28 June 2009


This is the most horrid I have seen so far:
but I am sure there's worse out there.