Open Farm Sunday: June 7th

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Open Farm Sunday: June 7th

ofs_logo.png Yep, that's tomorrow dudes. You know, it's still really easy to think farm = open countryside. Green belt and beyond. Not London. Even though we know that there are urban farms, it never occurs to us to go visit them or ponder what they actually do. Well, this may be your big chance. Farms will be opening their five bar gates across the country tomorrow to allow us lot a glimpse of what we eat while it's still in production. Oh, alright then, and to coo over fluffy cute things. And maybe to play on some really cool farm toys. And there are quite a few within the M25: try Deen City Farm in Merton (which looks like it's pretty townsfolk-friendly most of the year round, actually), or there's Woodlands near Welling, or Lee Valley Park Farms. Go on: we bet you look really cute in gingham and dungarees.

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i think you mean 7th not the 9th