Nosy London

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Nosy London

0706.nosey.jpg We're always wary of surveys into London's trends: most are at best spurious. But this one caught our attention, 'cos we reckon we're as guilty as the next citizen. It's about next door, you see. Got you interested, now, haven't we? Property website PropertyLive have discovered that 27% of Londoners admit to viewing properties for sale out of pure nosiness. (Londonist is prepared to be uncharacteristically sexist here and suggest that for women it's all about what's on the bookshelves and the soft furnishings, whilst for men it's more of a price thing: feel free to disagree below...) And when we're not actually physically nosing, we're doing it on-line, calculating values, prospecting, peeking over the mortgaged fence and twitching our cyber-nets. Depressingly the same website also features a survey suggesting that 62% of non-propertied Londoners have given up all hope of ever hopping on the ladder. Oh well: we can always dream. And snoop. (Image/sunshine indoors)

Last Updated 07 June 2009


I have an unhealthy habbit of viewing places in buildings of architectural interest... Openhouse day is for chumps.