Londonist Gets Spanked and Flogged - and (ooh) Kinda Likes it!

By tikichris Last edited 113 months ago
Londonist Gets Spanked and Flogged - and (ooh) Kinda Likes it!

Bulldog Gin invited Londonist to tag along to their cocktail party last night at the Brompton Cross location of erotic boutique Coco de Mer for ”an evening dedicated to the art of aphrodisiacs.” Sipping gin cocktails and talking dirty in a fancy schmancy lingerie shop in South Ken? Sounds like just the fodder for a Londonist post!

The link between Bulldog’s booze and getting geared up for a session of knocking boots isn’t as tenuous (or unabashed) as you might think. This dry London gin is made with a blend of twelve “exotic botanicals” including the purportedly aphrodisiac Dragon Eye used in ancient China to improve sexual stamina. We didn’t feel any randier than usual after a few cocktails but enjoyed the Bulldog drinky-poohs nonetheless. The setting was fun too; in fact, we reckon more (all) of London’s erotica retailers should have cocktail parties on a regular basis. Browsing an upmarket shop with a drink in one hand and a paddle in the other is a powerful feeling. Flogging strangers while mingling over drinks is an awe inspiring way to spend an evening.

Last Updated 19 June 2009