Britney Spears In London / Manchester Confusion

Dean Nicholas
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Britney Spears In London / Manchester Confusion

2206_britney.jpg Whether it was an homage to Spinal Tap or a genuine geographical gaffe is uncertain, but Britney Spears certainly left a Manchester audience nonplussed last week when she greeted them with a cry of "What's up, London!" On her only UK date outside the capital, it's perhaps understandable that Ms. Spears momentarily lost her bearings, though some Mancunians are unlikely to see it that way. Our friends in the North may have had their city placed above London in the Economist's "most liveable" index, but when it comes to pop stars dabbling in foreign lands, it doesn't even rate a mention. Rumours that Britters had earlier found herself getting lost in the backstage area of the MEN yelling "Hello, Cleveland!" were neither confirmed nor denied by her management. (Image / Ronald Hackston)

Last Updated 22 June 2009

Chris Nee

Sounds pretty funny to me. I really hope she was winding them up, I know I would've done.