A/C Tube Train Trials Begin

Dean Nicholas
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A/C Tube Train Trials Begin

2306_train.jpg The Underground's new S-stock trains, which go into service on the District, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City and Circle lines from next year, are now undergoing engineering trials. The trains, which we got a sneak preview of last year, grab the headlines for being the first on the network to feature air conditioning. But there's more: the trains are longer, and will increase capacity by nearly 20%, although that increase is achieved through additional standing room, as the carriages have less seats than the ones being replaced. They feature wheelchair space and are linked to each other by bendy bus-style concertina doorways, meaning one could sprint from front to back with ease if one chose. Boris Johnson was proud of the trains at last year's preview, but admitted that the real challenge would be getting a/c onto sweltering low-level lines like the Victoria or Northern, something that has flummoxed Tube bosses for years.

Last Updated 23 June 2009


The new Victoria Line trains have started testing during passenger hours too, but I don't recall that getting much publicity. Possibly because it didn't happen the day after one of Boris's deputies resigned.

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Nice to note that the new trains have wheelchair access, now just need the stations to have wheelchair user access as well otherwise what is the point of the trains having areas for wheelchair users??

I've a new film (well okay Video) project just starting for the National Disability Audit Services group looking into access for those with a physical disability and how hotels, colleges, transport etc deal with anyone with a disability. So far not a lot of places have true disability access. Less so the London tube system, except at the end of lines and a very few in between.

Eurostar are good on this, more so that the only places on the eurostar trains for wheelchair users is in 1st Class, but the wheelchair user and carer only pay economy class fares yet get all the goodies of 1st class. Good one Eurostar, maybe a little more publicity about this would help other wheelchair users have a break in Europe... or is the cost too much?