Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists


  • Torontoist looked at whether it's okay for a commercial printer to invoke religion in order to refuse their services—in this case, refusing to print a graphic novel with (non-explicit) gay content.
  • DCist kept track of the ongoing same-sex marriage debate in the District, including a number of heated Democratic party meetings, plus, of course, intervention by members of Congress.

  • Shanghaiist saw a man in Hong Kong verbally berate and hit a toddler and his mother after the little boy coughed without covering his mouth.

  • Bostonist celebrated five years of gay marriage in Massachusetts with some rainbow cocktails.

  • Chicagoist checked out their former-resident/now-president Barack Obama at his controversial commencement speech at Notre Dame and in some excellent behind-the-scenes photos from the White House.

  • Gothamist found New Yorkers hot and bothered about swine flu, ice cream truck jingles and terror plots.

  • LAist got up close and personal with the G4 Network's sexy Anna David, who knows a lot about high class hookers.

  • Phillyist found a photo in their Flickr pool that seemed a bit of a zeitgeist.

  • Londonist drooled over shameless sandwich porn.

  • Seattlest's first celebrity tourist of the season turned out to be a black bear on a see-all-the-sights quest for fame.

  • SFist anticipated the California State Supreme Court's ruling on prop. 8, the same-sex marriage ban, which will happen on Tuesday.

  • Last Updated 25 May 2009