Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists

Boening 747 istolethetv.jpg
Photograph of a Boeing 747 and a fighter jets flying near lower Manhattan by istolethetv on Flickr.

  • Gothamist's week started off with a slight shock—the Boeing 747 that's used as Air Force One, plus military fighter jets, flew without warning over lower Manhattan, causing people to evacuate buildings. It turned out to be a badly-planned photo op for White House files and the FAA told local and state authorities not to tell the public.
  • Torontoist covered a multi-day protest by Toronto's Tamil community, a protest that blocked one of the city's busiest streets, all day and all night, for the majority of the week.

  • DCist couldn't help noting the timing of the announcement of the first cases of swine flu in the D.C. area with word that PETA had requested a permit to set up a real life hog farm on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

  • Shanghaiist found the World Expo 2010 theme song to have a lot of unnecessary, if kind of hilarious, over-dancing.

  • Bostonist interviewed Jay Mohr and local character Louie the "siren" tricyclist.

  • Houstonist saw the Rockets advance to the second round of the NBA Playoffs after a six game series against the Portland Trailblazers.

  • Phillyist watched the senior senator from Pennsylvania switch parties in order to, perhaps, save his political career.

  • SFist came across this angry tenant's window.

  • Chicagoist had swine flu fever this week as they looked back, worried about conspiracy theories, waited on a vaccine, and eventually just gave up and accepted their fate.

  • LAist spoke with the now-sober Rodney King on the 17th anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots and gained insight about his difficult journey to forgiveness and hope.

  • Seattlest celebrated Seattle becoming the cruise ship industry's new Cozumel of the North, thanks to that bug going around.

  • Londonist was disappointed to see some Londoners swearing and spitting at those who dare to slow down.

  • Last Updated 04 May 2009