Ursinus Infection: NHS Advises Against Soft Toys

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Ursinus Infection: NHS Advises Against Soft Toys

Image by Simon Crubellier
Move over Swine Flu, there’s a new threat in town: teddy bears. According to the NHS, communal soft toys in GP waiting rooms provide “an easy root” for diseases such as measles to spread between children.

Dr. Dagmar Zeuner, director of public health for the NHS in Hammersmith and Fulham, claims that the removal of soft toys from waiting rooms would be a simple and easy step towards reducing the risk of infection. Magazines may also be taken away, which would undoubtedly lead to an increase of awkward waiting room conversations.

As much as we appreciate the NHS' precautions, we can't help but try to remember where we might have previously learned that shared, germ-infested toys spread infections. Will we ever bear to look at our cuddly friends in the same way again? Could fear of infection be what is causing the rise in teddy bear abandonments throughout London?

By Caroline Dickie

Last Updated 28 May 2009