Shiny New Teeth For National Winner

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 121 months ago
Shiny New Teeth For National Winner

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Despite having his gnashers knocked by that physically perfect specimen of beauty, Clare Balding, seconds after riding in as a 100-1 outsider in the National last month, jocular jockey Liam Treadwell says he's never been too bothered by his unorthodox pearlies. Stilll, not one to stare a gift-pony in the piehole, he's gratefully accepted an offer from a Limehouse dentist to knock his grill into shape. The dental work, which began last week, includes implants, whitening, and veneers, and will take a year or so to complete — hopefully in time for him to deliver a fitting riposte to the BBC presenter should he take the National a second time.

Last Updated 07 May 2009