Michael Jackson Gigs Under Threat

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 107 months ago
Michael Jackson Gigs Under Threat

1205_jacko.jpg Jacko seems to collect lawsuits like he once did plastic surgeon invoices. Having recently been roped by legal lassos from his ex-publicist and an ambulance driver, the star's 50-show London spectacular is now being asailed by AllGood Entertainment, a group putting together a separate show featuring sister Janet and the rest of the brood. They've issued a cease-and-desist letter, claiming that in November Jackson's manager signed an exclusivity agreement banning him from any other concerts for an 18 month period. A couple of months later, This Is It was announced, tickets sold at record pace, and Jackson's wallet swelled to the tune of £50m: the perfect target, then, for a spurious lawsuit. No response yet from camp Jackson. (Image / Herschell Hershey)

Last Updated 12 May 2009


Funny, I was always expecting to see this headline, but the reason surprised me. I'd have expected the phrase "melted under the lights" or "collapsed on stage" to have featured somewhere.


"No response yet from camp Jackson"

You might need to get ready for a lawsuit yourself... calling him camp indeed!