Met Shows Off Knife Collection

Dean Nicholas
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Met Shows Off Knife Collection

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The Metropolitan Police's aggressive stop-and-search strategy for youth crime has reaped rewards: serious violence involving knives is down by a third, while the number of teenage murders is down 10% compared to last year. Over 10,000 arrests have been made thus far during the crackdown, a remarkable 90% of which resulted in charges, suggesting the police's targeting was spot-on. Such is the confistcatory success of Operation Blunt Two that a range of siezed weapons were displayed yesterday at Scotland Yard; perhaps a few will make it into the permanent collection of the force's black museum.

Last Updated 19 May 2009

Shaun Day

Some of those knives are pretty cool looking. Others were clearly grabbed out of the kitchen drawer on the way out the door.
This is good what the police are doing. Although I have to admit when I heard the term "Operation Blunt" I didn't immediately think of knives.