Londonist Goes 'Wheee!' At BodySpaceMotionThings

By Hazel Last edited 108 months ago
Londonist Goes 'Wheee!' At BodySpaceMotionThings

We went, we played, we climbed on things, we fell off things, we crawled into a wooden tunnel and were ambushed by an incoming flock of shrieking 7-year olds and we filmed it all. BodySpaceMotionThings at Tate Modern was a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend installation, courtesy of the UBS Openings programme. We said 'wheee!' a lot, we also went 'wuuuaaarrgggghhhh!' a lot, we laughed and we're sharing the fun of it with you.

Last Updated 25 May 2009


And news just in: this exhibition at Tate Modern has been extended for three weeks, until 14 June.

"Whee!" indeed.