Londonist Cupcake Throwdown

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Londonist Cupcake Throwdown


Cupcakes. In just a few years, Londoners went from having scarce few bakeries from which to purchase these little treats to hardly being able to walk down the street without catching a glimpse at all manner of food porn baked goods in the window of some tawdry storefront.

Well, we've decided to see which of London’s cupcake peddlers can hold their own in a Cupcake Throwdown! The competition is to happen on the 29th of May, when a crack team of judges will let their oh so sophisticated palettes determine which cupcakes are the most moistest … most delicate … most delicious and satisfying in London.

So far these confident and generous bakeries have committed to submitting their cupcakes:

- Bea’s of Bloomsbury

- Buttercup Cake Shop

- Faircake

- Outsider Tart

Do you frequent, work at or own a London bakery that makes awesome cupcakes? Get in touch ( by May 23rd a let us know if you’d like to enter the competition.

Photography courtesy of sue_n_alex from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 17 May 2009


Sweet Things at near Primrose Hill do 'lish cupcakes:


Yummm, if they look this good they must taste divine, more pictures please.


Awesome. I think Hummingbird Bakery needs to get in on this. They make a mean red velvet cupcake. http://www.hummingbirdbakery.c...


I'm a big fan of the cupcakes at Greggs The Baker.

Chris Osburn

CRAiG and Caroline:
Thanks for the tips! As written in the above piece, you're welcome to have them get in touch with an email ( by May 23rd. I sent Hummingbird an email some time back but never got a response.

Oh yes, how could we forget The Greggs.

Crumbs and Doilies

Cool - sign us up!


Chris Osburn

Crumbs and Doilies,

Super. (Please) get in touch with an email to by May 23rd to let us know if you’d like to enter the competition.


Crumbs and Doilies

Hey Chris,

Emailed this afternoon; haven't heard back yet. Did it get through to you guys?


I'm hoping the judging takes place at a Londonist editorial meeting


Hi Chris

What a great idea, count us in!

I'm a teensy weensy bit biased, but I think we have the best Cupcakes at

Chris Osburn

This is awesome that all you extra bakeries want to participate. But you really need to send us an email at by May 23rd to let us know if you’d like to enter the competition. It's probably a good idea to write something relevant in the subject line too.

Thanks!!! Good luck,


I can't wait to hear which London cupcake you think is the best! My favourites are ever-changing!



I haven't received an address we should deliver our cupcakes to!!! Thanks