London Gay Pride Comes Out (With A Webcam)

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London Gay Pride Comes Out (With A Webcam)

London Pride 2009
Pride marchs/celebrations are hugely important to the LGBT community. We like to think that London hosts the country's best Pride each year.

Hundreds of thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered folk from across the land meet up with their families, friends and supporters to converge on the capital on one special Summer day. Walking together, they demonstrate strength in numbers and express their identity. For us, it is a very visual way to tell our city's best story of all - that London is multi-cultural, diverse and so much stronger and more exciting as a result. (Helpfully, it also involves a massive party.)

This year's Pride is on 4th July. If it's your first, then it will be a transformative experience - and perhaps your first cautious footstep outside of the closet door en route to 'coming out' as L, G, B or T. The theme of this year's pride is 'Coming Out To Play', and so organisers have teamed up with HOMOVISION.TV to produce a series of short Coming Out Stories on video to be broadcast on the web and at the main stage in Trafalgar Square during Pride itself.

So, fancy supplying a video message of your own Coming Out Story? Is it a tale of woe, of comedy or of inspiration? Just what would you say to someone stood nervously in Traffie Square, mulling their very own Big Decision? If you're in London, HOMOVISION may come and film you - email [email protected] to describe your story. If you're outside of London and have access to some form of webcam, film yourself and send it directly to them at the same address. (You may need to use a website like

Record your story, mark the date in our calendar, book the Monday off work and get ready for a fabulous Pride.

Full details of Pride itself are all up at Video project details are at

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