Live Liveart: Volunteer!

By Lindsey Last edited 118 months ago
Live Liveart: Volunteer!

This could be you
If you've more than a passing interest in the experimental end of performance and like your art living, breathing and interactively challenging there's an opportunity to step inside it, this summer, at two of Home Live Art's special, playful events.

The Big Event launches this year's Camberwell Arts Festival with a quirky Victorian renovation celebration in Myatt’s Fields Park, Camberwell on 20th June.

The Alternative Village Fete, at The National Theatre takes place on 26th & 27th September.

Volunteers are needed to help make these events happen and Home also interested to know if you have any "special skills or interests" to help assign you to appropriate tasks.... come on, now, this could be your chance. Check out the events online and email for the finer details.

Last Updated 12 May 2009