If You Could Ask Jamie Oliver Anything ...

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If You Could Ask Jamie Oliver Anything ...

jamie oliver Londonist has a chance to meet with Jamie Oliver tomorrow afternoon and ask him a few questions ... and ... well ... we were just wondering if you had any questions you'd like us to pose (be nice!). If you do, leave it as a comment below. No guarantees but we'll do our best to ask any relevant questions you may have for him. Cheers!

Last Updated 20 May 2009

Rob Simmons

I'd like to ask Jamie, given the current trend away from dining out, and in light of Anthony Worral-Thompson's restaurant closures, what plans he has to make sure his business interests survive the recession.

Or, if that's too boring a question, what he orders in the pub.


I'd like to ask him if he still enjoys what he does, because on Jamie at Home he always looked so miserable.


Ask him about his new restaurant project with Chef Adam Perry Lang of Daisy May's BBQ in NYC. London needs a good rib joint!


Jamie has worked with many groups. Would he be interested with working with some of London's homeless - perhaps inspiring them in a kind of "flash cooking" show?

Tom Williams

I'd like to know how he feels about being so strongly associated with a major food retailer like Sainsburys.

Not aiming to have a go re: selling out or anything, just be interested to hear how anyone makes a big decision like that as it can obviously open you up to criticism and potentially undermine other things you do. But, on the other hand, it gives you a chance to influence the behaviour of a big company.

Plus, he must get shedloads for it.


I would like Jamie to comment on how he feels about the responsibility issue, should food companies/fast food outlets take the blame for serving unhealthy food. In his opinion is obesity more about lack of education or just lack of will power.