Wi-fi 'Eco' Eye

By Lindsey Last edited 148 months ago
Wi-fi 'Eco' Eye

By AK Foto via the Londonist Flickrpool
The London Eye's new owners are indulging our big wheel in upgrade works to improve energy efficiency and wi-fi coverage in the capsules. Heating and ventilation work will reduce the attraction's carbon footprint and we assume the carbon costs of picking off the 32 pods one by one and sending them each on a return trip to Worcester via the Thames and a big ole truck have been factored into these 'green' claims. The bit by bit strategy, however, means the Eye will keep turning tourists through the high season should the weather ever choose to settle down and cheer up. The wi-fi work's a bit more baffling; do you really want to be messing with your iPhone when you've paid for the best view of London? Presumably, this is for the corporate shill the Eye lends itself to so well, meaning lots more lovely lolly for Merlin's magical empire with multi-media PR pleasing pods and an assured money making machine on the Southbank, next to its shiny new Sea Life Centre, for many moons to come.

Last Updated 18 May 2009