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Photo by dermotreeve; see the incredible detail on the hi-res version

  • Wishing a warm welcome in prison to the three jailed over Baby P's death
  • Swine flu is still skulking around the capital The Big Gipper is to get a nice memorial — just in time to see his economic legacy come crashing down
  • Cutty Sark will be re-opened to the public next year
  • Protestor 1, police photographers 0
  • Something for the long weekend: the capital's top ten picnic spots Posh noshery closed after diner dies

    Last Updated 22 May 2009

    lee jackson

    "Wishing a warm welcome in prison"??

    Come on - out with it - do you hope that some other sick bastard stabs them, burns them, kills them while they are inside? Or just is quite rude to them, once in a while. What would suit you here?

    I don't think these people can be redeemed - I think they're probably twisted beyond belief - unutterably evil. But, really, do you actually want fellow prisoners to inflict their own brand of 'justice', as a rule? I think that's unworthy of this fine website; just the sort of playground bully bullshit that a lot of the evil fuckwits in our society thrive upon ... not to be endorsed or encouraged by intelligent people.


    My comment quoted above refers to the likelihood that the trio will be welcomed into the world of incarceration in a fairly robust manner.

    I'm not encouraging that "fellow prisoners inflict their own brand of justice", but merely acknowledging they're likely to have a harsh time inside given the publicity over what they did and the perception that the sentences they're likely to serve are quite brief, given the magnitude of their actions.

    lee jackson

    An ingenuous reply.

    "The three jailed over Baby P.'s death are likely to have a harsh time inside," would be 'acknowledging' that likelihood. It might be seen as positive, neutral, or negative towards that particular outcome, depending on context (although it's a tough call - I'd be inclined to think you were bemoaning the possibility, if I saw it phrased in that way).

    In fact, you're actively "wishing". A fairly clear statement, I think. Fine - you're entitled to that point of view; you'd like them to get a good kicking or whatever; just don't deny it when it's pointed out.

    I'm just not convinced the people who'll administer that good kicking, or whatever abuse they can manage, are the sort of people we should encourage. You might disagree with the sentencing or whatever, but the idea that thugs in prison can 'do the dirty work' for society is actually an insidious and horrible idea.


    You can parse it any way you may care, I maintain my intention was to illustrate the likelihood of the treatment the criminals will be meted, not overtly to draw any desire to see that come. I'll freely admit that I wouldn't be displeased to hear of their mistreatment by other inmates, but neither would I encourage nor endorse it.