So, Go - To The Lido

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So, Go - To The Lido

brockwell lido opens on Monday (brrr)
One of our favourite places in London is Brockwell Lido, down in Brockwell Park. Monday is a big day as the huge outdoor pool will open at 10am for the Summer season. This obviously gives us an excuse to bring it to your attention here at your favourite London blog.

Ah, the memories of (at least a couple of) long hot summer days punctuated by 3-minute heart-stoppingly frozen swims that shock your lungs so much you can't breathe. Great stuff. We have no idea if it's actually that healthy for you, but it's fun and lovely so it doesn't really matter.

May is effectively 'shoulder season' so in the week the Pool opens for the morning, shuts for lunch and then reopens again in the afternoon. But it will be open all day at weekends, and goes to full-day every-day openings in June.

Full details of times etc here.

You will not see us quietly singing muh-nah-muh-nah as in the notorious video of the lido in its former glory days which we simply can't resist sheepishly re-posting on here.

Image from ladelentes' Flickrstream under a creative commons license

UPDATE - we've just heard this Audioboo from Jason Cobb, who's down there right now. Hope the murk clears by the opening...

UPDATE ON MONDAY - pics and great written/verbal report from Jason 'Day 1 At The Lido'

Last Updated 02 May 2009