We Knew It: Londoners Are Different

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 109 months ago
We Knew It: Londoners Are Different

grumpy_london.jpg We always knew Londoners were special, but apparently we're "becoming psychologically separate from the rest of the nation". So says Dr Jason Rentfrow from Cambridge University, who's put together a 'personality map' of the UK. Increased mobility means like-minded people cluster together, and us capital-dwelling types are more likely to be creative, open-minded, intellectual but less friendly. Oi! We'll have less of that. The Sun claims this means London attracts "show-offs" - but we, writing on a website for public consumption, couldn't possibly comment. (Grumpy in London image by kaytethinks)

Last Updated 20 April 2009


In a way, you've got to respect The Sun's consistent ability to dumb everything down to monosyllabic concepts. It reminds me of that Brass Eye episode where Chris Morris opens the show by asking: "Tonight on Brass Eye - animals; are we too nice, or too nasty?"


London is also full of foreigners - but I, being a foreigner living in London, couldn't possibly comment.