A Third Post-Mortem, And Be Grateful For It

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 120 months ago
A Third Post-Mortem, And Be Grateful For It

Think yourselves lucky the Met don't use water cannon? / image by Al Howat under a Creative Commons licence
Is there a point at which this starts to be in bad taste? A third post-mortem has definitely been ordered on Ian Tomlinson, at the request of lawyers acting on behalf of the police officer under suspicion of manslaughter. What's the betting we get a third cause of death?

Tonight, Channel 4 News are broadcasting a frame by frame analysis of the events leading up to Mr Tomlinson being struck. The IPCC tried, and failed, to get an injunction stopping them. And the Guardian has yet more footage of the moment. We do hope they add to the weight of knowledge, otherwise it's starting to look ghoulish.

A poll released yesterday looking at the public's views on G20 policing found 59% thought it was too aggressive (whereas 31% took the Goldilocks view that it was just right). In spite of this, Boris Johnson was having difficulty accepting it: "I would not necessarily accept the premise that confidence in the police has been [damaged]," he says.

And apparently we should be grateful that the Met don't use rubber bullets. Sir Ken Jones, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers, appeared on Tuesday's Radio 4 Today programme saying "I can't find any other country that doesn't use water cannon, CS gas, rubber bullets". Golly. Well, that's OK then.

Last Updated 22 April 2009