Tamil Hunger Strike Continuing

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 111 months ago
Tamil Hunger Strike Continuing

They may not be at the forefront of the news any more, but don't think the British Tamils' protest has ended. Two students from Mitcham, Siviatharsun Sivakumarave and Parameswarn Subramaniyan, went on hunger strike last Tuesday in attempt to force the UK government to push for a ceasefire by Sri Lanka in its fight against the Tamil Tigers.

Mr Sivakumarave has now suspended his fast after Bermondsey MP Simon Hughes arranged for a delegation to travel to the UN, while Mr Subramaniyan is drinking water but still refusing food. They are two of a number of Tamils who have publicly committed suicide, or tried to - generally by setting themselves alight, although there are other hunger strikers in Canada and Australia - to raise awareness of the war in northern Sri Lanka, where the Tamils want an independent state.

Last Updated 15 April 2009


The hunger strike was started by the students in the hope
to expose the plight of Tamil civilians in the north of Sri Lanka.
A well planned genocidal war is taking place against the Tamil civilian. International NGO are long expelled and no media coverage. This is a one sided war without any witness.
Cluster bombs and chemical weapons are used against the civilans in this conflict.
All this is happening because Tamil people asked for their right to live like you and I.
Britain has the moral responsibility to intervene and to urge the UN to act without any delay.


Thank you.


a barbaric state like SRILANKA need more solid action by IC.


Per Srilankan government publication The great chronicles of Srilanka chapter 22 para 14, http://lakdiva.org/mahavamsa/,

Sinhala queen Viharamahadevi had … urge to drink the water used to wash a sword that had cleaved the head of a warrior of (TAMIL king) Elara , whilst standing on that same head.

bala muru

Tamil diaspora living in UK is really a hard working educated community. Due to the non stop war against to the Tamils in Sri Lanka for last 30 years we have shattered around the world. We have lost all our life and trying to look after our next generation. These brave students in hunger strike are from our next generation. They want to go back to their country. We need a peaceful contry to live. Sri Lankan government never going to give us a peaceful contry. So we all are seeking the western contries help to stop the war against Tamils. Sri Lankan goverment is killing 1000s of Tamils during the last few months. There is a clear evident that thare is a genocide of tamils in Sri Lanka.