Rooftop Protest At Lewisham School

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 109 months ago
Rooftop Protest At Lewisham School

lewishamcouncil.jpg Brockley Kate draws our attention to a protest at Lewisham Bridge Primary School: parents have taken to the balconies to demonstrate against the council's plans to build a new Academy on the site. The school closed at Easter and pupils are being bussed to Deptford while construction takes place. At least, that was the plan - someone's sneakily got the building Grade II listed status, which has driven Lewisham's Mayor hopping mad. The school does look to have some lovely old tiling, but Lewisham desperately needs more schools to cope with large swathes of new development. Makes us glad we're not in local politics. (Image of Lewisham's not-Grade-II-listed offices by stevecadman)

Last Updated 23 April 2009


It's not actually an academy that's being proposed, but a foundation school to be run in a hard federation by Leathersellers with the other two schools they run in the borough: Prendergast Hilly Fields and Prendergast Ladywell Fields (formerly Crofton School). The Mayor of Lewisham applied to the secretary of state for permission to be exempt from the competition process and to be allowed to build a community school but was refused. Opposition parties urged him to continue pushing for a community school, but he opted to go for a foundation with a known partner rather than bid for a community school and risk losing.

Frankly, after 8 years of local residents campaigning for a new school, and an urgent need for new secondary school places, and given we have a Labour government, a Labour Mayor of Lewisham and the next government is unlikely to be anything other than Tory or Labour, both of whom support academies and foundation schools etc, I think it may be time to accept this may be the best we are going to get and build the school.