Review: Bompas & Parr’s Alcoholic Architecture

By tikichris Last edited 153 months ago
Review: Bompas & Parr’s Alcoholic Architecture

A drunkard’s dream if we ever did breathe one, jelly-mongering scientists Bompas & Parr got Londonist all tipsy and wobbly-kneed last night with their “walk-in cloud of breathable gin and tonic cocktail.” A walk-in cloud of huh and who? Yeah, check this crazy shit out: these bowtie clad lab monkeys have come up with a cocktail mist “made using gin, tonic water and the same technology as Anthony Gormley’s Blind Light at the Hayward Gallery.” Neato.

Donning special protective suits to spare our clothes from the boozy mist (ah, boozy mist), we ambled in, snatched up our complimentary (liquid-form) G&T and headed into the walk-in cocktail room. We could hardly see for all the mist but could certainly taste the “drink” on our tongues with each inhalation. We reckon our session lasted about 40 minutes or so with most of that time spent giggling at and gabbing about the preposterous fun we were having.

At five quid a go, we’re hard pressed to think of a better excuse to go have a blast. Visit the Bompas & Parr website for times and details. You’ve got till the 25th of this month to suck it all in.

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 17 April 2009