On Strange Iranian Practices

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On Strange Iranian Practices

0204.seez.jpg A warning. Today is the thirteenth day (seezdahbehdah) after Nowrooz, the Iranian New Year. The end of two weeks of celebration. And Iranians, being as superstitious as the next man, believe that it is unlucky to stay indoors. So if London's parks are full of picnicking Middle Eastern types (Hyde Park being the main venue) this evening, you will know what's afoot. So far so not-too-odd. But there's more. This is also the day when they release their lucky goldfish into municipal ponds (not the Serpentine, surely?). AND they also tie knots in wheatgrass and beansprouts which they have grown, make a wish and throw them into running water. So shady types down by the riverside should be treated with tolerance on this occasion. London: all life really is here, eh?

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"shady types"?


With the greatest of affection of course.
I was one such, skulking on the shores of the Thames last night.