Heathrow's Tunnel Of Luggage

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 173 months ago
Heathrow's Tunnel Of Luggage

Photo by Simon Crubellier
Stung by the disasters at Terminal 5's opening, BAA has taken unorthodox publicity methods to regain public trust: after mounting an ad campaign with the humble boast that the airport is "working", they're now thrilled about an underground luggage tunnel. It's hardly the stuff of mile-high fantasies, though does sound like something the late JG Ballard would have appreciated. But the tunnel, which reporters got to nose around yesterday, is important: excavated at a rate of 15 metres a day deep below the west London soil, it will link terminals 3 and 5 and, when completed in 2011, be responsible for transporting 110m bags per year. Sadly, it won't guarantee passengers are reunited with their rucksacks after a long flight: as a spokesperson sighed, with Ballardian pathos, "baggage is a very complex world".

Last Updated 30 April 2009